My Lovely Mum

I have been thinking about my style icons and I know that this might be a bit cheesy but my mum is my biggest style icon! Whenever I need style advice or help shopping for a perfect outfit (for any occasion) it’s my mum that I turn too for help. Let’s face it, no one else is either brave or honest enough to tell me that something doesn’t suit me!

My mum always knows exactly what I should wear for every event AND can pick out the right clothes to suit me every time. Its a special skill that she seems to have, infact I call her Gok Mum (for anyone that does know Gok Wan he used to do a programme on helping women to love themselves and could pick out the perfect outfit for each of them).

There is only one problem about shopping with my mum – I always end up spending too much money!

I would love to know who your biggest style icon is and who you choose to go shopping with,

Thanks for reading, C x

P.S. A couple of snaps below of me and my lovely mum taken at my hen party last year – one at the start of the night and one towards the end!

20140217-180802.jpg Me & Mum 2