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Access(ories) All Areas!

So a few days ago I wore an outfit to work which I have worn more times than I care to count and suddenly everyone was complimenting me on it!

Weird right?

Well I was pondering over it when walking out of the office and I realised the only thing that was different was my accessories, well only my necklace really – but somehow this one necklace changed my whole outfit and made people notice it!

Now the necklace I was wearing wasn’t expensive in fact it was from New Look and cost less than £10! This is me wearing said necklace…


So I guess I kind of new already that accessories are an important part to any outfit, I just didn’t realise how much of a difference they can make! I’ve put a few more snaps below of my favourite accessories – everything from my notepad and pen to my lovely River Island leather gloves! (Excuse the quality of the pictures – my photography is not the best but I’m working on it!)




I’d love to know what you all think, what is your favourite accessory?

Thanks for reading, C x

My Lovely Mum

I have been thinking about my style icons and I know that this might be a bit cheesy but my mum is my biggest style icon! Whenever I need style advice or help shopping for a perfect outfit (for any occasion) it’s my mum that I turn too for help. Let’s face it, no one else is either brave or honest enough to tell me that something doesn’t suit me!

My mum always knows exactly what I should wear for every event AND can pick out the right clothes to suit me every time. Its a special skill that she seems to have, infact I call her Gok Mum (for anyone that does know Gok Wan he used to do a programme on helping women to love themselves and could pick out the perfect outfit for each of them).

There is only one problem about shopping with my mum – I always end up spending too much money!

I would love to know who your biggest style icon is and who you choose to go shopping with,

Thanks for reading, C x

P.S. A couple of snaps below of me and my lovely mum taken at my hen party last year – one at the start of the night and one towards the end!

20140217-180802.jpg Me & Mum 2

My Weekend in London

Sorry this has taken me while to post about – its been a bit of a crazy week since I got back from London!

Our hotel was fantastic; right next to Marble Arch and walking distance to Oxford Street! This was our room, and the freebies they gave us since it was my birthday… as you can see I got straight into relaxing mode!


Anyway; I had an AMAZING time in London and the shopping was great fun although I didn’t actually buy that much. I don’t know about you but when there are so many shops sometimes I can’t make a decision about what to buy!

I did however get my Ruby Woo MAC lipstick, and I love it! It applies really easily, the colour stay put really well and I think its fab.


Usually I wear quite a lot of eye makeup but with this lipstick I think that quick sweep of eyeliner and lashings of mascara are enough. I think it gives quite a retro look!

So after purchasing this on the first day I couldn’t wait to wear it and teamed it with a very fluffy white jumper (from Topshop) my leather trousers (from H&M) and my favourite Kurt Keiger boots… and this was the result!


On our second day my husband took to me to the V&A museum to a 1980’s fashion show. It showcased all of the trends from the decades and was really interesting, some of the clothes were …interesting… and perhaps not my personal style but it was a really great exhibition and definitely worth a look if you find yourself in London. http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/exhibition-from-club-to-catwalk-london-fashion-in-the-80s/about-the-exhibition/

After this we visited covent garden which is always an interesting place to visit, its such a fun environment! That night we decided to go back to Covent Garden and went to Dishoom which is a fab little Indian Restaurant – its takes a while to get in but its definitely worth the wait http://www.dishoom.com/ . I was going to wear this outfit…


but decided it was far too cold and switched back to my leather trousers and a big fluffy black jumper I have which is sooooo warm!


On our third day before driving home we went around the shops again and I discovered this gorgeous little bucket bag but at nearly £80 I decided it was a little too expensive but I wanted to show it to you all anyway… its from ‘and other stories’ which you should all have a look at it you get a chance! http://www.stories.com/ its a shop owned by the same Company as H&M but a bit more high end.


I did make one other purchase which was this fabulous tartan scarf from Topshop… its soft, warm and I totally love it!

Thanks for reading,
C x

P.S. I forgot to mention that my hair style is new!!! What do you think to the Ombre look?


My London Wish List!

So I’m off to London this weekend (excited!!!) as it’s my birthday on Friday (a great excuse to go shopping!) and I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to buy and have been looking at a few blogs for inspiration and think the following things are definitely on my wish list!

Jackiraivo ( http://jacqlyninwonderland.wordpress.com/author/jackiraivo/ ) wrote about ‘winter reds’ and kindly gave me some advice on how to apply lipstick so I definitely want a red lipstick and I have heard from RubyAngel711 ( http://rubyangel711.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/2014s-hottest-makeup-shades/ ) that the Mac Lipstick Ruby Woo is amazing so maybe this could be my special treat!

RubyAngel711 also wrote about bucket bags ( http://rubyangel711.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/bring-along-your-bucket/ ) which are amazing and I would love one of these! I saw one a while back in H&M and wish I had purchased it when I saw it!

A little something like this one would be great!

Also on my wish list are some leather shorts (maybe these from New Look)

Black (Black) Black Leather-Look Shorts | 286420701 | New Look

And perhaps some new shoes for work!

I will be on a limited budget so I definitely won’t get all of the above but it will be fun just looking around!

I’d also like to thank Ale for very kindly giving me some advice on where to eat! I do love my food so its very much appreciated! Please check out her blog on http://lamodaviaggia.wordpress.com/

I’m hoping to get some pictures whilst I’m there so that you can start to see my style in person – but we will have to see if I’m brave enough!

Thanks for reading, C x

Shine on Award

I got tagged in the SHINE ON AWARD by the fantastic http://thinklovemakeup.com/ .
She has got so many amazing posts on make up, skincare products and style – if you haven’t seen her blog before you should check it out

shine on award

The Rules:

1. Display the award logo to your blog.
2. Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
3. Share 7 random, interesting things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and happily pass on this award, making sure to link their blog into your post.
5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

7 Random Things:

1. I’m new to the world of blogging
2. I got married in July last year to the most wonderful man in the world
3. I’m terrified of spiders
4. I own a Vivienne Westwood dress (it was given to me when I was 14 but I don’t think I could ever give it away!)
5. I cry at sad films all the time
6. I have 3 beautiful nieces and a very handsome nephew (and another little niece or nephew on the way!)
7. I have an addiction to nail polish

15 Awesome Bloggers:

1. http://rubyangel711.wordpress.com/

2. http://geetikawalia.wordpress.com/

3. http://kianaswordrobe.wordpress.com/

4. http://lamodaviaggia.wordpress.com/

5. http://itsapplesandorangesblog.com/

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9. http://aprettypennyblog.com/

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12. http://wonderfulworldofbeauty.wordpress.com/

13. http://allthingslady.wordpress.com/

14. http://littlebookoffashion.wordpress.com/

15. http://thestylevoyager.com/

Well I really hope I’ve done this right and that everyone I’ve nominated will continue to share this with their friends and fellow bloggers!

Thanks for reading, C x