Designer v Highstreet – sparkly shoes!

After a few days browsing on Pinterest I discovered a fantastic pair of Valentino shoes which I had seen someone at my work wearing (they obviously get paid more than I do!) after searching for them online I discovered they were a mammoth £575 or thereabouts, waaaaaaay out of my price league.

valentino studded flats

So I had resigned myself to the fact thaat these shoes were never going to be on my feet and attempted to move on…

But then – OMG – I found a pair of similar looking flats at Zara and guess what, they were in the sale and at £15.99 an absolute bargain!

So what do you think, not a bad comparison are they?!

Ohhh, sparkles!

Now I know they don’t have studs, but they are very sparkly! Perfect for dancing; without getting sore feet and at this price you can’t really go wrong can you?

Thanks for reading, C x


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