The Power of The Leather Jacket!

In my opinion everyone needs the perfect leather jacket!

I got mine in China for a bargain £18! It goes with everything that I own and makes all my outfits look that bit better! It makes casual look cool and glamorous look that bit edgier. I love to see pretty girlie dresses ‘rocked up’ with a fierce leather jacket – for me the combination of girlie and rock is just perfect. I cannot think of a single thing that a leather jacket doesn’t go with (except for my gym kit!)

I’ve had a look around online and found a few jackets which I think are fab and I’d love to know what you think!

Topshop – was £58.00 Now £45.00

River Island (Slightly more pricey at £100 but gorgeous!)–jackets/leather-jackets/Black-leather-biker-jacket-637394

Dorothy Perkins – more simply but still stylish – £49.00

and finally (I’ve saved the best until last) Mango £79.99

Studded biker jacket

Thanks for reading,

C x



I’m not sure about calling her the ‘New Girl’ anymore because I have had a massive style crush on Zooey Deschanel for quite a while now!

I’m not sure whether its her quirky style or that hair but I think she is AMAZING! Who agrees with me?

Thanks for reading, C x

So cute!Zooey Deschanel - how can you not love her?!

Tartan Trousers!

Initially everytime I looked at tartan/plaid trousers all I could think about was Rupert Bear but now I seem to have developed an obsession with wanting some!

There are so many styles out there and so many prices ranges – but these are a few of my favourites!

New Look – £12.99

Grey (Grey) Grey Marl Check Print Leggings | 305823204 | New Look

Topshop – Was £40.00 now £20.00

River Island: £22.00 ––leggings/leggings/Camel-tartan-high-waisted-leggings-651660

It would be great to see pictures of how you style yours – my personal top favourite pair are these little bargains from New Look;

Green Pattern (Green) Green Check Leggings | 305679539 | New Look

and at only £12.99 I might even be able to afford the perfect accessories to go with them!

Thanks for reading, C x

Designer v Highstreet – sparkly shoes!

After a few days browsing on Pinterest I discovered a fantastic pair of Valentino shoes which I had seen someone at my work wearing (they obviously get paid more than I do!) after searching for them online I discovered they were a mammoth £575 or thereabouts, waaaaaaay out of my price league.

valentino studded flats

So I had resigned myself to the fact thaat these shoes were never going to be on my feet and attempted to move on…

But then – OMG – I found a pair of similar looking flats at Zara and guess what, they were in the sale and at £15.99 an absolute bargain!

So what do you think, not a bad comparison are they?!

Ohhh, sparkles!

Now I know they don’t have studs, but they are very sparkly! Perfect for dancing; without getting sore feet and at this price you can’t really go wrong can you?

Thanks for reading, C x

My Idea of Fashion

So its hard to decide what to post about first! I thought about writing about LBD’s, my most recent purchase (a gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger black ankle boots) or my favourite outfit; but instead I thought I’d write a few notes on what my idea of fashion is.

For me, fashion is not all about those high end, haute couture brands. Yes, they are lovely to look at but for people like me and you we cannot necessairly afford to pay the high end prices! I’m a high street shopper. I love New Look and think if you look hard enough you can find expensive looking pieces for affordable prices (checkout the shoes I found in store today)

Blue (Blue) Blue Contrast Pointed T Bar Court Shoes | 300941540 | New Look

I’m a big fan of River Island, I love Mango and Warehouse for workwear and I do love a good look around Topshop!

I always put thought into what I’m going to wear each day but I do have my casual days. Fashion can be fun but I don’t think it should be a chore – you should enjoy picking out your outfit for the day and feel good in what your wearing, whether its the very latest trend or not.

Anyway, soon I hope to be writing to you on a regular basis telling you about my recent purchases, my celebrity style crushes and style icons and any other thoughts on fashion that I have.

Thanks for reading, C x